Expert Care

“The Rehab Team got me from a wheelchair to a walker to a cane before I left. The staff was unbelievable. I wouldn’t have gotten back to my life without their expert care.”

Linda G. – Former Rehabilitation Patient

Build Your Confidence Back Up

“There was always somebody there behind you holding your back, to build your confidence back up. . . The care was so personable. It is so important to get back on your feet again and keep your mind healthy, as well as your body.”

Erina M. – Former Rehabilitation Patient

Relaxed, Comfortable Lifestyle

“I can’t think of a nicer place to live. Instead of chores and tasks, I enjoy a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle with the amenities and services found at a resort. And the snow and cold are never a problem with our enclosed walkways. And, with all the recent renovations, the community is better than ever!”

John B. – Independent Living

Enjoy All Life Has to Offer

“Here, you spend retirement enjoying all life has to offer. Whether that means more time spent with grandchildren, traveling, fishing, biking or trying something totally new, Twining Village affords us the time – and opportunity – to do whatever we want, whenever we want, without worry.”

June C. – Independent Living

Couldn't Ask for Nicer People

"I have lived here for 2 years and I couldn’t ask for nicer people, they do whatever I ask. Twining Manor is a beautiful community but knowing that I was able to bring my cat and visit with my husband daily who lives in another part of the campus made my decision very easy."

Florence D. – Personal Care